Sushi Moulds

Containing Bliss just love the amazing array of cultures and diversity we have in this beautiful country of ours. Along with this are the delicious foods they bring to tempt our tastebuds. One of our very favourites just has to be sushi. We love window shopping at sushi restaurants with our own children and just admiring the beautiful little rolls that truly are work of art, and despite trying to make them ourselves at times, the results just were not the same … UNTIL… the amazing sushi mould!

Where has this gadget been hiding? Do the sushi makers secretly have these hidden under their food prep areas? The sushi mould is THE most incredible gadget to make professional looking sushi, yourself, at home! Containing Bliss have two sushi moulds available for you – the slim thin small sushi mould, which is perfect for more bite sized sushi or slicing into mini kid sized sushi discs and the large sushi mould, fantastic for large and delicious meal sized sushi which can fit a substantial amount of fillings.

Once you open your sushi mould you will see you have three simple pieces.

A trough for placing the sushi rice, a base and a lid with a pressing shape. Cook your sushi rice according to directions, spread it out thinly and add your seasoning. Mix the rice well and you are ready to go. The small sushi (hosomaki) is easily made in the sushi mould, particularly traditional Edo-style sushi rolls – this is a hosomaki with the nori sheet on the outside of the rice roll and usually one simple filling. Our favourite filling is simple canned tuna mixed with a little mayo. Place sushi rice in to the mould, using your finger press a cavity along the rice and spoon in your filling. Cover with sushi rice and use the top half of the sushi mould to press it firmly together. Gently tip the firmly pressed roll onto a sheet of nori and roll it around the tube of rice, securing with a little water. Slice your sushi as desired and serve – a beautiful professional sushi economically made at home. These mini Edo sushi are wonderful for popping into the kids lunchboxes (or Mum and Dad’s lunchbox!), taking on picnics, healthy snacks on the go or wonderful party food.

The larger sushi mould is suitable for making futomaki, or fat, sushi. This is your chance to let your imagination run wild with stunning colours and beautiful flavours. Fresh or pickled vegetables, lean meats or fish, shellfish and additions of wasabi or other taste sensations can be easily incorporated in the large sushi mould as it has plenty of room. Simply wet the mould, add sushi rice, your fillings, more rice and press firmly. Nori sheets can be incorporated inside the large sushi roll or simply rolled on the outside.

Shhhh, making your own sushi is incredibly easy, it looks like it would be difficult, it looks incredibly beautiful, it seems to be edible art – yet with a sushi mould it is ridiculously simple. No one need know how quick and easy it was as they praise your amazing culinary skills! Imagine turning up at a friend’s house with a platter of fresh homemade sushi! Containing Bliss love that this is such a simple piece of equipment yet is so practical – we have tested it with our own kids making the sushi using these sushi moulds and it was easy even for a child! Once you know the secret maybe you’d even like to host a “make your own sushi” party.

A little lost on filling suggestions?

Let us inspire you with an amazing array of ideas and remember, making sushi at home is approximately four times cheaper than buying it at a restaurant or ready made! …

  • mango
  • egg (crepe slices)
  • crab meat or crab meat with mayonnaise
  • teriyaki chicken
  • watercress
  • shiitake, marinated in shoyu and sliced
  • fresh salmon
  • fresh tuna
  • canned tuna with mayo
  • grilled salmon skin
  • takuan (pickled radish)
  • roe (red, black, orange, yellow)
  • cucumber
  • avocado
  • mix black and white sesame seeds
  • asparagus
  • squid
  • scallops
  • bamboo shoots

We can’t wait to send you your very own sushi moulds so you can start creating beautiful sushi in your own home.