Small Sauce and Dipping Containers

The trick with most lunchboxes these days is how can you add sauce in a container that is actually practical and small enough? Do you forever stash away those tiny fish-shaped soy sauce bottles from the local sushi restaurant in your handbag, just hoping that one day, someone, will offer you a better solution?

Mini pancakes, sushi, sausages, vegetable sticks – all good and even better with sauce or a dip! The dilemma with most lunchboxes and bags is there is nowhere really small enough , or leakproof to pop a sauce or dip. Need sauce containers? Containing Bliss can help with the most delightful selection of mini soy sauce bottles and, yes, in case you were wondering, we do have some in the shape of baby pandas. We also stock dipping containers and sauce containers.

Leakproof Sauce and Dipping Containers

Our sauce / dipping containers are so beautiful, leak proof and add a splash of colour and fun to your child’s meal. Choose from the following amazing collections of small sauce containers which are all only approximately a couple of centimetres wide allowing them to fit in the tiniest of spaces:

The rainbow collection of sauce / dipping containers includes four adorable little square containers with clam style lids. Each lid features a bright design – clover, rainbow, kirakira (shooting) rainbow star and mushrooms. Perfect for sprinkles to dip fairy bread into, ketchup or sauces for meats or dip for vegetables.

The spots and stripes set also has four containers in beautiful pretty colours and a circular shape, suitable for both boys and girls. These little sweeties fit easily into any little space in the lunchbox, perhaps filled with syrup to accompany mini pancakes, or sauce for mini meatballs. A very sweet little dipping container set suitable even for the big kids lunchboxes.

Our Range of Containers

Containing Bliss have to admit – we totally fall for anything Kawaii (Japanese for cute) and the dipping containers in the Panda and Rabbit sauce containers are our sweetest set yet. How cute would these be popped in the lunchbox filled with sultanas, seeds, goji berries or mini treats.

Now, don’t forget the sauce bottles. Perfect for picnics, lunchboxes, parties, or even to have your toddler’s own little sauce at the dinner table, our sauce containers are wonderful.