Rice Moulds

Have you ever tried to make your own sushi? Or created a pretty bento style lunch? Containing Bliss have the most amazing kitchen tools specifically designed just for this very purpose.

Let’s take a look first at our sweet little rice moulds. In a set that combines a trio of delightful shapes, choose to use the star, heart, or traditional Japanese Sakura – cherry blossom rice mould. By pressing the rice into the cleverly designed shape you can create stunning onigiri (rice balls) in your own home. Wonderful for a perfectly portioned and pretty presentation on your child’s plate at meal time, or in their lunchbox with accompanying foods. And don’t feel restricted to just rice, try mashed vegetables – they all work just as well.

So you want to pack leftovers in your child’s lunchbox, would you like to include some rice, maybe you’ve made risotto for them – whoa, wait a minute, don’t just throw it in there, press it into a shape, decorate it, utilise the space in the lunchbox better and create a feast for the eyes not just the tummy.

Containing Bliss are proud to present rice moulds for you to press rice into sweet shapes.

Perfect for any style of sticky rice… we love the idea of having a beautiful shaped rice feature. Shaped rice in a rice mould is Japanese comfort food and often has fillings of delicious shredded meat or fish. Here is a traditional way to prepare your onigiri:

Prepare about four cups of rice. The best time to make your shaped rice balls is while the rice is still hot. Sushi rice is the most effective, or aborio - you definitely want a sticky rice. Wet your hands with cold water, and sprinkle them with salt. Take a handful of rice and place it in your rice mould, pressing it in firmly. Make a dent in the middle of the rice. Put in a small amount of filling in the dent.

Working rapidly, place more rice over the filling, and press firmly into the shape, using the rice mould press. Use the plunger to remove your perfect rice shape! Practice makes perfect.

In addition to these rice moulds, Containing Bliss are suppliers of the most amazing kitchen gadget. Large and small sushi moulds! These incredible tools, while ridiculously simple and easy to use produce the most professional looking sushi your friends and family with rave about.

Have you ever tried to make your own sushi at home?

Struggled with a bamboo mat and fillings falling apart? Far cheaper than buying bought sushi and allowing you the choice of fillings, making your own sushi was never easier. We at Containing Bliss have sat and made sushi with our children using these amazing sushi moulds and the excellent way the mould presses the sushi together is what makes a previously time consuming and fiddly food into a simple one to prepare.

Don’t feel that beautiful and amazing foods are completely beyond your grasp. With simple ingredients and a world of filling ideas at your fingertips enjoy making sushi yourself. Not only limited to tuna, salmon and crab, fill your rolls with avocado, chicken, beef spiced with Japanese flavours. If you are lucky enough to live near an Asian shop, buy some shiso leaf and put it (also named Perilla in Korean or wild sesame) in your rolls. It is heavenly. To understand the taste of shiso leaf, you have to try it yourself... herby? citrusy? mint? Or is that basil or coriander?

Enjoy creating beautiful and delicious foods in your own home with your new rice moulds from Containing Bliss