Kids Insulated Lunch Bags

It’s a steamy hot day, the kids are sweating just getting them in the car and to school, don’t even let it enter your mind what their poor little school bag will be doing as it cooks their lunchboxes! Hot un-fresh food is not pleasant, nor healthy. You really need a solution. You need a mini fridge they can take to school.

Guess what!! Kids on Abington can provide you with just that very thing. Our amazing Insulated lunch bags are the best thing since, well…sliced bread! Our kids lunch bags are aptly named, Fridge-To-Go and are simply put – incredible and yes, no pun intended… very, very cool.

About our Lunch Bags

Originally launched in Australia eight years ago by mother of two, Noelle Sadinsky, the Fridge-To-Go started its life as a cool transportation bag for medications. From there it developed into the perfect lunch bag! The amazing Temp-guard fabric keeps foods chilled much longer than other insulated lunch bags but also reduced sweating and wetness.

Every insulated lunch bag Fridge-to-Go comes complete with its very own zippered internal pocket which houses it’s slim ice brick. The ice bricks pop easily into a freezer drawer overnight, ready to slip into the pocket in the mornings and we can guarantee (we have tested them ourselves on a 40+ degrees Celsius day in Australia), they will stay cool for up to eight hours – yes, they will still be cool by the afternoon and often still have pieces of ice in the ice brick!

These are the insulated lunch bags you need.

Having a back pocket with Velcro fastening which fits a popper sized juice box, a side net which fits a small drink bottle, an internal net which is great for napkins, spoons or food pouches (or a happy note for your child), a huge main storage section, a zippered front section, a carry handle and an adjustable tote bag strap, these kids lunch bags are all you need to supply your child for a great day out. Perfect for school, outings, excursions, picnics or even car travel.

You will love the beautiful designs and colours available, with special edition Fridge-To-Go insulated lunch bags coming out every now and then. Toddlers love them (also great for popping a few toys in for a visit to grandma’s house), kids love them, perfect for teens who don’t want to miss out on the “cool” lunch bag craze but still fit in with their peers and perfect for you! One of our staff attended a day course recently and took her Fridge-To-Go complete with picnic lunch!

There is much concern when it comes to packing your child’s lunch and we understand that you would hesitate to pack meats, eggs and other foods that require refrigeration to stay fresh – with the Kids on Abington Fridge-to-Go insulated lunch bags you can rest assured that your child’s lunch will stay as cool as if it were kept in a regular fridge and be healthy and delicious at meal times.

All our Fridge-To-Go products are the medium size which means they fit most lunchboxes. We love to team them up with the gorgeous Yumbox which fits perfectly inside, whilst still leaving enough room for fruit and a drink! The Fridge-To-Go insulated lunch bags are all eco friendly, BPA and PVC free and lead safe.

Need an extra ice panel (I know I need one for the days I forget to zip the panel out and pop it in the freezer) – we stock these as well so you are always ready to go with your Fridge-To-Go.

Easy clean by wiping down with soap and water the Fridge-To-Go kids insulated lunch bag is a gorgeous, practical bag for your child. Fun hints for packing and storing:

* Hang some hooks inside your pantry cupboard for hanging your Fridge-To-Go

* Pop yogurt or custard in food pouches and slide into the internal net pocket

* Slide notes for the teacher in the front zippered pocket so your child doesn’t forget to hand them in

* Slip a hand ball for lunchtime fun in the side net or pop in an extra piece of fruit

* Use the fridge to go on a day out for medicines and sunscreens etc to keep them cool

Grab one, or two Fridge-To-Go insulated lunch bags today.

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