Become A Wholesale Customer

Step 1

If you’ve decided that today is the day to make your wholesale account, please click --------> here. Instructions below. 

You must use our ID number: 5052909

Step 2
Select your language and country.

Step 3
Choose which warehouse your order will ship from. Hint – if you’re Australian click Local OTG. If you’re abroad, click international.

Step 4
Choose either:

Wholesale Customer if you would like to order your essential oils at wholesale price.

Wellness Advocate if you would like to order your essential oils at wholesale price AND earn commission and bonuses by building your own doTERRA business.

Both of these entitle you to a 25% discount on all products but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or start a business, onsell to family and friends or place monthly orders.

If you do not want to start a doTERRA business select Wholesale Customer, you can always switch over later if you change your mind.

Step 5
Fill in your contact details, create a password and agree to the T&C’s. Please ensure you use our ID number 5052909 in the Sponsor section.

Step 6
Now let’s go shopping! There are 2 ways to start:

  • Select an Enrolment Kit

Click here to have a look at the kits. Kits are great because they’re priced lower than wholesale prices. We do suggest buying some Fractionated Coconut Oil* to go with your order so you’re ready to go on your essential oil journey. The enrolment kits include the $35 enrolment fee. 

  • OR Choose to pay the $35 Introductory Packet plus your choice of oils at wholesale price. Again we recommend adding a Fractionated Coconut Oil* to your order.

*Fractionated Coconut oil allows you to dilute the oils and apply safely to the skin.

Step 7 (Optional)

Loyalty Rewards (LRP)

This allows you to set up a monthly order so you never forget your laundry liquid, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, vitamins and your favourite essential oils. This can be changed or cancelled at any time. LRP – Loyalty Rewards Program is like a frequent shopping system where you get lots of rewards. We highly recommend setting this up.

Step 8
Congratulations! If you’ve processed your order you are now in our team! Woohoo! Give yourself a pat on the back. You will receive ongoing support and we will be in contact with you soon.