Kids Decorative Food Picks - Bento Accessory Range

Bento craze has hit Australia, mini adorable food picks not only make kids lunches even more fun, but add a touch of whimsy whilst being practical.

Imagine a teddy bears picnic, a spring garden, a Jurassic world just in your child’s lunchbox! The Japanese invented Bento boxes and their accessories to help picky kids enjoy and eat healthy food. Food picks are an awesome way to accessorise your child’s lunch box and make their bento style food even more “kawaii” (Japanese for cute).

Add Style To your Lunch Box

Decorative kids food picks are huge in the bento world. They're a quick and easy way to decorate any lunch or meal. They add character to lunches and bring smiles to delighted little faces. They are an interactive and fun way to entice everyone, not just fussy eaters to try new foods.

Kids food picks come in many sizes and lots of different themes and characters. They're not only decorative but they can be used as tiny forks to pick food up with too - quite a handy bento accessory to have on hand. They're a great and fun way to entice fussy eaters to give it a go. Sometimes just by getting them to taste the food rather than eat everything, we can encourage their palates to experience different tastes and flavours. If a decorative food pick will help them with that, then why not?!

Why Use Food Picks?

Sometimes kids with sensory issues do not like to touch food of different textures as it may feel sticky, slimy or they're just unsure. A food pick can be used as a fun tool to pick up the food. For example, I use food picks for papaya for my kids. They'll eat it but they won't touch it with their hands. So instead of packing a big fork for school lunches I put them in.

They also come in handy to hold foods together like little wraps or rolled ham and salami. They make lunches interesting and fun. Let's face it, opening your lunch to find googly eyes, flowers or your favourite animal popping out at you would be so much fun and if we can make food fun, we'll all be winning!

Maybe let them decorate their own lunches. Let those big imaginations run wild. They would feel so proud of their masterpiece…maybe so proud they'd even eat it!

There are a couple of different types of kids food picks available. There are the ones that have little forks on the end of them and others that have a skewer end. The skewer picks are great for making mini kebabs and for holding cheese cubes and cabanossi (cabana).

For something completely kawaii for your kids, Containing Bliss food picks will make the process quick and adorable. Our decorative food picks will make their eyes light up when they open their lunch box. We have a huge range of food picks based in our online store in Sydney, Australia with more being added all the time. Be sure to pop back in and check out our range.

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