Edible Markers Australia

Who says you can’t play with your food? Not us. Containing Bliss stock the incredible FooDoodler edible markers which actually encourage you to play and write on your food! Perfect for decorating, drawing and writing on any edible surface the possibilities are endless for these little beauties.

Whilst gel or icing can be sticky and so difficult to use, these pens are just the same as drawing with a real marker pen, yet our edible markers are filled with food colouring. Happily, they are gluten, sugar and nut free. For those wondering, the ink is also Kosher certified AND flavourless, so you need not worry about the colours affecting the taste of the food your child is eating. Whilst you may find a huge array of edible markers in stores and online, we have found that the FooDoodler is far superior for its bright colours and incredible likeness to a real marker in its use.

Edible markers Australia are fast becoming the coolest way to make your child’s lunch fun

Particularly awesome for decorating iced cookies, cakes and sandwiches imagine the delight on your child’s face when they see an encouraging message from you ON their lunch! We want you to be able to enjoy creating fun food for your child and these edible markers are not only great for you when preparing food, but the kids adore decorating their own food with them. Perfect for a rainy day activity, let your little Picasso’s loose with the edible markers and see what a difference it makes when they will eat something they have decorated. Or draw outlines for little ones and have them colour in with the edible markers themselves. So much fun to be had in just one little packet of pens!

Our FooDoodler edible markers are one of the original food writing markers, FDA approved and made in the United States of America, they are a fabulous choice with a beautiful fine tip for drawing and three different pack sizes to choose from. The colours are bright and will write on any dry, firm food surface, including fruits, vegetables and even cheese and boiled eggs! All packs are incredible value for money and will quickly become a favourite Australian food preparation item in your kitchen. Whilst sugar craft and cookie decorating used to be a time-consuming and difficult art, now you can decorate easily any cookie or food simply by writing or drawing with an edible marker.

Ideal Party fun with Foodoodlers

Imagine the fun at a party with marshmallows or sandwiches and FooDoodlers for the kids to make their own little artworks. We have found these edible markers are particularly useful for special occasions and holidays to make your child’s food just that little bit more special. Birthday messages, congratulations, graduations, Christmas designs, Halloween, Easter and Australia Day can all be made even happier with a little bit of edible art. Containing Bliss believe these edible markers are just the trick for making regular food into something incredible. We love that we can give our child a piece of fruit with a little face, a sandwich with a cute animal, cookies with love hearts and sweet messages.

Don’t hesitate, select a pack of edible markers today and enjoy the fun of creative food art!