Yumbox Australia

The Yumbox is the original all in one leakproof bento lunch box. It was the first of its kind to encompass a unique eating system with portioned compartments, pictures to encourage healthy eating and an arrange of colours to attract kids.

The Yumbox is available through our online Sydney store and has taken off like crazy in Australia. Created by 2 friends, one living in the USA and one living in France, the inspiration for the Yumbox came from the French school lunches where they take into consideration balance, variety, taste and nutrition.

The Yumbox Original was designed with five portioned compartments and one small compartment for dipping sauces. All up the Yumbox Original has 6 compartments that hold 3 ½ cups. Each compartment is labelled either dairy, fruit, protein, grains and vegetables, with the small dipping one left for a sweet. This is a great reminder for ideas when making the lunches.

The Yumbox Panino is exactly the same physical size as the Yumbox Original except it has 4 compartments. The main difference is the larger compartment that can hold a full sandwich or a larger salad etc. Yumboxes were designed to assist parents in creating healthy meals and adding variety to their kids diets. The tray inside the Yumbox is made from tritan and is completely removable for washing.

Why Choose a Yumbox Lunch Box?

They both measures 21x15x5cm and weighs just under 500g. They also fit into the medium Fridge-To-Go insulated lunch bags.

Our range eliminates the need for plastic wrap and zip lock bags, saving the environment, your wallet and time each day as you don’t have to fiddle with the plastic wrap! There has been a move in Australian schools towards rubbish free lunches or nude lunches. This means sending kids to school with minimum or no wrapping in the lunch box. This is to help promote a cleaner and waste free environment. So when parents come across Yumbox Australia they are super excited and their job at making school lunches becomes easier.

The food is kept fresh by the seals on the lid that seal off each compartment individually. It’s perfectly fine to make lunch the night before and place in the fridge and it is still as fresh the next day.

Yumboxes are leakproof

The food and food smells do not move around the lunch box either, they stay in their own compartment. One of the advantages of the Yumbox is that it is leakproof. We don’t suggest putting water or thin liquid like vinegar in there but sauces, salsa, yogurts, custards, chia pudding and apple sauce work brilliantly. There are a few tips you must know to ensure it stays leakproof. Do not overfill any of the compartments. Think of a suitcase you’ve overloaded and you’re trying to do the zipper up…it just doesn’t work! You must also make sure that the latch is securely closed on the lunch box. Sometimes by placing your hand on the lid and pushing it down with your palm while you close the latch will help too. If in doubt, give it a test. Put the desired liquid in to a compartment and close the Yumbox. Shake it and stand it on its side for 10 min. Place it back down and undo. If the liquid is still in the same spot, you’re on your way, if not, you know it was too thin.

You can be as creative as you like using our bento accessories or as simple as you like with the food. It really doesn’t matter because it all looks good. The bright colours of the Yumboxes sure do grab the attention of kids. Speaking of kids we recommend the Yumbox for kids up to the age of 10. But really, I love to use one for myself for my snacks throughout the day. Our lunch boxes also do not need to be used just for school. They can be used as a tasting plate for toddlers, snacks, small adult meals, taking to the movies, daycare, playgroup or picnics. They’re also great for travelling in the car, BBQ’s and camping.

Some good things to know about the Yumbox

  • it is BPA free
  • phthalate free
  • CPSIA and FDA compliant
  • It is a solid lunch box with a sturdy ABS outer box
  • tritan tray
  • silicone seals

Yumbox sell out very fast when they arrive in Australia, they are extremely popular. If you see one you like, it’s best to purchase it sooner rather than later because we cannot guarantee that same design will be repeated. Love the Yumbox! Important: Yumbox is dishwasher safe at a maximum temperature 65C/149F. Top rack only. We highly recommend hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle. Warranty is void if this is not followed.

For more information on the yumbox lunch box call us today on 1300 739 836.