Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters Australia

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your sandwiches, look no further than Lunch Punch. Lunch Punch sandwich cutters are the ideal way to making sandwiches a lot more interesting.

Lunch Punch have made their sandwich cutters so easy to use. As easy and as quick as using a knife to cut say for example the go to triangles. Simply place the cutter on the bread and push down. Remove the cutter and there you have it, a funky shaped sandwich. Lunch Punch sandwich cutters are large so there is minimal wastage. They fit a slice of bread to the edge of the crusts. Don’t know what to do with the crusts? Well, we could always eat them, we are grown-ups now…nah lets relive our childhood, we don’t want curly hair! But what we can do and I do do this, is freeze them to use as bread crumbs or croutons at a later date. If you have chickens you could always give a little bit to them too.

Types of Lunch Punch Cutters

Lunch Punch Australia currently have 6 different themed sandwich cutters and each theme comes in a box with 4 different designs. They are fantastic value for money. The current designs are: ‘Sporty’, which is their newest design and comes with a soccer ball, football, baseball and basketball cutter, ‘Sweet’, which comes with a cupcake, gumball machine, cake and ice-cream cone cutters, ‘Sand*wishes’, which has a fairy princess, flower garden, king or queen of hearts crown and a frog prince, ‘VRRRM’ which is an awesome transport theme with a car, aeroplane, truck and train, ‘Critter Cutters’ which has a dolphin, butterfly, elephant (with baby) and a dog with a dog house and lastly the very popular ‘Match and Munch’ which has 4 different puzzle shapes. There are instructions inside the Match and Munch Lunch Punch sandwich cutters on how to make one giant puzzle with them! Think of the fun that would be at a party!

The owner of Lunch Punch Australia (Kiersten) has been inventing since she was very little. Her first invention was a plastic ice cube to keep her milk cold without it going watery. Unfortunately Kiersten was only 6 and someone else beat her to release it. She had many more inventions along the way and it wasn’t until she became a mum that one of her inventions became a reality. That is when she invented the Lunch Punch sandwich cutters to entice her young boys to sit down and eat a healthy lunch. She had tried to cut shapes with knifes and scissors but they never were clean cut or turning out the way she wanted. So she got to inventing and designing her very own sandwich cutters that are now patented, manufactured and sold throughout the world.

Why Choose Lunch Punch?

One of the great things about the Lunch Punch sandwich cutters is that often kids no longer see it as a ‘sandwich’. They see it as an ice-cream, a fairy, a truck or a soccer ball which is way more exciting. This is great news to those with fussy eaters. Another thing that helps fussy eaters is getting them to use the Lunch Punch sandwich cutters themselves to punch the shape out. . Tie it in with our edible food pens to create an even more fun looking lunch. Have them draw on the sandwich with the pens and watch them eat their creation.

Lunch Punch helps to make lunches more interesting. We eat with our eyes and the more eye-appealing it is the more likely we are to try it.

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