Little Lunch Box Co

Little Lunch Box Co products have been created by a mum, thus they are exactly what we have all been looking for! Perfect for little hands to easily open and close, leak proof and easy to clean, parents all over Australia are cheering at their wonderful features.

Designed in Australia and wholly Australian owned.

Even better, the colours and themes of these adorable lunchboxes are so colourful, in trend and simply… gorgeous. With bright happy colours and themes such as super hero, unicorns, watermelon, dinosaurs and pineapple there is something to suit every taste.

Tired of having so many containers and missing lids?

Little Lunch Box Co products are definitely the answer – being a special compartmentalised lunchbox with one lid, in a very simple bento style, these lunchboxes are fantastic, you never lose a lid, and you will be saving money.

Australia, we want to do our best to help eliminate waste and are totally for the nude food revolution – this means packing lunches without plastic wrap or paper or packets. Little Lunch Box Co products mean you can easily pop food into the compartments with no need for any packaging – less waste, happier environment. You will find that this helps save money for you too as products can be bought in bulk and the desired amount quickly sorted into the compartments.

Cleaning? No problem. Easy to hand wash in warm soapy water or simply run through the dishwasher on the top rack. The Little Lunch Box Co products are food safe, durable plastic that is BPA free. With no removable parts there are no little bits that can get lost or hard to clean. Little Lunch Box Co products are also completely BPA free food safe.

Is it big enough?

You’d be surprised! The Little Lunch Box Co products are carefully designed to provide space for a deceptively generous amount of food – up to 980ml!

Little Lunch Box Co has given us a product that is perfect for children with sensory issues, allergies or don’t like foods to touch. The Bento style design has been popular for many years in Japan for a good reason – it is simple, tidy and beautiful.

Let us remind you of the top seven reasons why a Little Lunch Box Co product is the best choice…

  • You’ll pack lunches a lot faster – gotta love that – you can even pack the night before and keep in the fridge
  • You’ll pack healthier foods – less packaged goods, means less junk
  • Easy to clean – throw in the dishwasher - perfect
  • Kids can pack their own lunches – very good idea!
  • They’re fun – yep, cute, everything packed in bento looks adorable, and is fresh!
  • Good for the environment – that’s right, no more packaging or wraps, less waste
  • No more squashed food – a special space for everything
  • Browse our beautiful selection of Little Lunch Box Co products – you are sure to find something you love. With wonderful selections including the Bento Two, Bento Three and Bento Five Kids On Abington can help you venture into the wonderful world of Bento lunch boxes.