Go Green Lunch Boxes Australia

The stats are in and Australian’s are voting for one of the simplest and most practical ways to reduce waste. The bento lunchbox. Did you know that Australia uses over 1 million plastic bags a day and amazingly, the very first plastic straw you ever used is still somewhere on Earth, not breaking down.  Kids on Abington know you want to give your family the best future in our beautiful country and we are proud to introduce the amazing Go Green Lunch boxes.

By using a Go Green you can eliminate the need for plastic bags, wraps, paper bags, cling wrap and aluminium foil. No more difficult to open packets for younger kids, all their food is beautifully ready to go. The Go Green is perfect for children with sensory issues or dexterity difficulties. You will never again lose lunchbox lids, never need to try and fit multiple containers into one. Each Go-Green lunch box features separated leak proof compartments that seal well and an easy open reinforced lid that also closes securely.

The Go Green Lunch Box doesn’t come alone – when you purchase the larger Go Green Original you also receive a lunch bag, stainless steel drink bottle, space smart ice pack and erasable whiteboard. Holding a massive 8 cups of food no-one will be going hungry with this. The Go Green Original is the largest leakproof lunch box on the market! Kids on Abington also have available the medium Go Green which has 6 1/3 cups capacity and is the second largest leakproof lunch box on the market. The baby of the group is the Go Green Snack Box and this is one big baby – holding a generous 4 ½ cups of food it is perfect for smaller to medium appetites or a road trip or picnic snack box.

Guess what – you no longer have to wash up 50 thousand containers every night! We knew you’d like that. Imagine just one container to wash, one container to store. The wrap free compartments encourage healthy portion controlled, balanced meals. Wet and dry foods are kept fresh and separated. Great for big people and little people. The lid has toggles which secure it to the lunchbox and make sure that it won’t be lost whilst at school but can be easily removed for cleaning. The 240ml stainless steel drink bottle in the original sized Go Green means no need for disposable bottles and sits beautifully in its own little compartment. The Go Green slim design fits well in school bags and backpacks for easy on the go lunches.

What are other parents saying about the Go Greens? It’s a lunchbox that is unique and causes people to stop and notice. You can fit a whole piece of fruit or a whole tub of yogurt in the spacious compartments! Even younger children can easily open and securely close the Go Green. Helps teach our children how important it is to protect our environment and to understand reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Go Green encourages kids to help pack their own lunches as there is no need for wrapping or fitting in lots of fiddly little containers. The Go Green is your bigger bento style quality lunchbox that will fit everything from fruit break, to lunch to snacks, making for a healthy wrap free day. The Go Green lunchboxes are an all in one solution that are 100% eco friendly, BPA free and made of recyclable materials. It’s so easy to Go Green. Choose your new Go Green today and look forward to a healthier tomorrow.

Statistics from The War on Waste – ABC Australia 2018.