Fridge To Go Lunch Bags in Australia

The Fridge-To-Go is a unique cooling lunch bag suitable in Australia for our hot summers. Fridge-To-Go lunch bags keep their contents cold for up to 8 hours.

Remember opening up your lunch box to a soggy cheese or vegemite sandwich at school? Well, that doesn’t happen with a Fridge-To-Go. Fridge-To-Go Australia are THE cooling lunch bag you want to send your kids to school with or you to work with. Do you or your partner work on-site, out in the elements? The Fridge-To-Go is your answer. The last thing you want when your work break comes along is your food to be warm or spoilt. There are health benefits to keeping your lunch in a Fridge-To-Go.

So how do they keep their contents cold for that long?

They use a surround cooling system. This is done by using a patented high performing chilling panel. The chilling panel in the Fridge-To-Go lunch bags sits inside a zipped pocket on the bottom of the inside of the bag. The pocket is made up with a unique Tempguard fabric that lines the lunch bag to help chill them longer than traditional and cheaper bags. It also helps to reduce sweating. Fridge-To-Go's are re-useable, BPA and PVC FREE and lead SAFE. The cooling panels are bio-degradable and are made up of non-toxic purified salted water.

The cooling panel AKA ice brick is removable. You can place the whole lunch bag in the freezer or you can take out the panel and place it in the freezer on its own. This also works well if in winter you live in a cooler climate and find your lunch is too cold, you can remove the cooling panel and leave in the freezer until the weather warms up.

The medium Fridge-To-Go is a perfect fit for lots of lunch boxes.

Always measure your current lunch box to make sure it fits. The medium Fridge-To-Go measures 20x23x8cm and it nicely fits our very popular Yumbox. What we have found is that by placing our lunch boxes inside the Fridge-To-Go lunch bags they are well protected from drops and less inclined to be scratched and damaged. It also has room around the lunch box so if something doesn't fit inside the lunch box, it can be placed beside it in the lunch bag. It also has a mesh pocket on the inside which we use for spoons or forks. On the outside of the lunch bag it has a zipper pocket on the front, a mesh pocket on the side for a drink bottle and on the back is a Velcro pocket with a place to write your name.

Fridge-To-Go Australia has a selection of colours to choose from. The range of colours in the Fridge-To-Go vary from traditional pink and blue to neutral red and black. They cater for both sexes and all ages.

There are no sharp edges on the Fridge-To-Go. No plastic that easily tears and catches on little hands. While the Fridge-To-Go's may have a higher cost than generic lunch bags, their value is much higher, their quality is high and they last. Our son has taken his Fridge-To-Go to school everyday for 2 years. It is still going and he is about to take it for his 3rd year.

You do not need to place your items inside a lunch box in the Fridge-To-Go lunch bags. The Fridge-to-Go can be the lunch box if necessary. So if you're looking for a reliable, safe and valuable lunch bag to keep lunch cool for you or your kids, the Fridge-To-Go is the way to go.

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