Why are my kids going nude to school?!

Is this a new thing? Am I living under a rock? What does all of this mean and why did I get a note home from school saying ‘we’re going package free and having nude lunches’? What the?! Back up a sec, double check the note…yes the school logo is on it, signed by the principal…check the date…yep not the 70’s, no mention of Woodstock…what in the world is going on and why are my kids going nude?!!!!

Ok, go get a glass of water, take some breathes and calm down, it’s not what you’re thinking, trust me! Are you back? Feeling better? Maybe not 100% but maybe just a teeny tiny bit? I can tell you one thing, your kids are not going to school nude, their lunch is! What the?! That still makes no sense! I swear I only finished school such a short time ago, promise, I really am young, I’m hip and get things. Why are they doing this to me?! Whyyyyyyyyy? Please explain!

Package free/nude lunches are a simple way of saying ‘do not send wrappers to school. We are trying to save the environment’. And rightly so. With the average child being sent with approximately 3 wrappers per day that equates to and get this…30kg of waste going in to landfill per child per year*. That is A LOT of rubbish!

So where does that leave you? How on earth are you going to send their food to school? Can’t just throw a sandwich in to the schoolbag crossing your fingers, toes and eyes and hoping for the best. We all know that poor sandwich is doomed.

Grab another glass of water to sip on while I explain how to send nude lunches to school and in effect how you’ll save money and time by doing so. That sounds nice right? It sounds brilliant to me!

Let me introduce you to the Yumbox. The what?! The Yumbox. A lunch box that allows you to send food to school that is nude. How can this possibly be? How can a lunch box do that? Well the Yumbox is cleverly designed into sections meaning you can put food in each compartment and it will not touch any other food. But wait there’s more…when the lid is closed and the latch is locked in place the food will STAY in its section and not move around, not even if placed on its side. Let me explain the science behind this. The lid has a silicone seal that matches each section of the lunch box. So when the lid is closed, it meets up with each section and seals it closed! So whilst that is super cool and all and I totally dig it and wish I’d known about it sooner, how does this save me time and money?

That’s a really good question and here goes. All that plastic wrap you buy each week/fortnight/month in your grocery shop…well you will hardly need to buy it at all now. And YES it does add up and it does go in to landfill and it far outweighs the cost of this lunch box. Plus lunches packed in these look very appetising reducing money spent at the canteen! And the time? You no longer need to fight with the plastic wrap roll every.single.day. Those days are gone now, yep gone. One lunchbox, one lid, opened on the bench that you quickly fill with food and close the lid. That’s lunch making streamlined right there.

*Statistic taken from the Clean Up Australia website.