My Experience and Thoughts on the Yumbox as a Mum

I was so excited when I saw that we could now buy the Yumbox in Australia. I had been waiting for them to arrive for what felt like aaages. I thought what a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to make all sorts of lunches for my kids. Then I saw the price…could a kids lunch box really be worth paying that much for? Should I or shouldn’t I? Hmmmm every comment I’d seen online raved about it so I decided to follow suit. The day arrived and I had in my hot little hands a parcel that contained my much anticipated Yumbox. I undid it. Wow! I hadn’t felt a lunch box this sturdy before and now I can see why they are the price they are. The quality is amazing and the design is beyond spectacular AND one lid! One lid that seals off each section so that food and food smells don’t go to the next compartment, ingenious! I felt fully justified for spending the money now.  Annnnd I wasn’t going to have to tackle plastic wrap anymore. I could see this was going to end up saving me money!

I washed it straight away and started making my 5 year olds lunch for big school for the next day. At first I thought ‘I wonder if this is going to be big enough?’ That thought soon passed as I filled it with more food and more variety than I’d usually send him with. I also realized it was packed differently to what I was used to but it was all still there. He still had his sandwich, fruit and snacks, they were just in different compartments.

My next step was to pass this style of eating past my boy who really doesn’t like changes. He came home from school and I showed him his new Yumbox all ready and packed for school. I waited…is he going to love or not love his new lunch box? He’s response ‘Oh wow mum! That’s AWESOME! I LOVE it!’. Phew it passed his test. I then explained to him that there was no rubbish/wrapping and I had to giggle at his response ‘sweet, I don’t have to get up to the bin when the teacher says, I can keep eating’… a true boy, bless him. I THEN explained that it was important to close the lid and make sure the latch closed so the food didn’t fall out. ‘I got this mum, watch this’. He lifted the latch, put his hand on top of the lunch box  and said ‘as long as the green touches the other green (he has a green Yumbox), I can close it’ and that he did. My confidence with the Yumbox was at an all time high. I was so happy with my purchase and the money I’d spent. I still had to see how he went with it at school which would be the big test.

First day with his Yumbox at school was a …. … ... success! He came home with food still in it which surprised me. I must also mention that the Yumbox is top shelf dishwasher safe, however I recommend hand washing the outer case (lid) for the longevity of the seals. They are of course what make the Yumbox unique compared to other bento style lunch boxes.

In my honest opinion, I love the Yumbox. I love the variety of food I now pack and it makes me think outside the square. If I’m stuck I just look at the compartments, as each compartment has a different food category written in it and it jogs my memory. We’ve been using ours for months and it’s still in perfect condition and I know we will have it for a very, very long time. On the plus side we also do our bit for the environment (and our pocket) by not using plastic wrap

The Yumbox is available in a range of colours in Australia. Each shipment varies in a gorgeous array of colours with limited stock available of each. So if you're thinking about it, it's best to get in sooner rather than later.

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Examples of past Yumbox colours:

Myrtille Blue Yumbox available now Figue Purple Yumbox available now Framboise Pink YumboxPomme Green Yumbox

Below I have taken before and after pics of my sons lunch to give you an idea on how and what I pack him. You can also see just how leakproof the Yumbox is. I’m not crazy creative with them, I’m an ordinary mum who loves this style of bento lunches. Obviously the food I pack works for us so when packing your childs lunch choose foods that suit their requirements and your beliefs.

In this Yumbox we have strawberries, cucumber, Oreo wafer, Jatz, cabanossi, cheese, french onion dip and a heart sandwich.

Sandwich scrolls, muffin bar, cucumber, carrot, sultanas and homemade slice.

Muesli bar, cucumber, strawberries, biscuits, marshmallow, puzzle sandwich.

Puzzle sandwich, homemade chicken stir-fry, biscuits, marshmallow, cucumber, muffin bar. He loved this one. Noodles are one of his favourite foods.

Puzzle sandwich, custard, man size strawberries (these were huge!), pretzels, popcorn, marshmallow. The custard stayed in it's own section and didn't travel around the lunch box.

Apple, cheese stick, rice crackers, M&M's, triangle sandwich, homemade melting moments, 1/2 muesli bar. As you can see he was too busy playing to eat today! Instead he ate it when he got home with his little sister.

Apple, puzzle sandwich, homemade popcorn chicken, sweet chilli sauce, cabanossi, cheese, rice crackers, chocolate coin. The sweet chilli sauce stayed exactly where I put it and didn't move around.

Heart sandwich, homemade mini pancakes, maple syrup, strawberry, carrot, muesli bar. The maple syrup stayed in its compartment. He loved this one!

Carrots, salami, M&Ms, homemade lamington, cookies, rolled lavish bread with ham.

I do pack his lunch the night before and put it in the fridge without any hassels.

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