Become A Lunch Box Warrior

PLet’s face it. Making school lunches is not exciting. It’s boring and a pain in the butt for time poor parents. There’s nothing worse than wanting to sit down and put your feet up (haha I know right?!) and then you turn and you see them, a stack of lunch boxes…empty lunch boxes all saying ‘I’m hungryyyyy, you need to fill me, your child has to eat’…and then you imagine a self-filling lunch box and how amazing that would be. You’re quickly pulled back to reality. Crap!

There is no point in denying it, I do not function well of a morning, so the only option my kids have if they want to be feed is if I make them the night before. This works really well with the bento Yumbox lunch boxes as they are air tight. All I do is make it the night before and pop it in the fridge and they’re as fresh as if I’d just made them. I’ve just taken this one step further when a lovely customer admitted she packs TWO yumboxes at one time so she has two days worth of lunches packed and ready for 2 kids, meaning she has 4 lunchboxes in the fridge ready to go. She said she packs 2 for each child on Sunday and Tuesday and 1 for each child on Thursdays giving her Mondays and Wednesdays off! So I gave this little trick a go, except due to the kids after school commitments I did 2 on Sunday, 1 Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday. I had everything crossed this would work and cut down my number of lunch box making days. The biggest thought I had was seeing if my kids noticed a taste difference and if biscuits were still crunchy and bread still soft, because making two lunches for each kid at one time was the easy part, getting it past my kids was another question… So I sent them off with their lunches knowing full ware that if something was not right, I’d definitely hear about it. But even with their MKR judging abilities they were non the wiser! I didn’t hear a peep! So guess what? This is how I make lunches now!  I just line them up like a production line and do 4 lunches, 4 recesses and 4 crunch and sips (or munch and crunch, whichever your school calls the fruit break) at one time. #mumwin #ivegotthis

Being Prepared

We’ve all heard it before…preparation! Whether you’re a baker and you cook and freeze your food and snacks or if you prefer to buy ready-made food you have to be prepared and have things ready in the cupboard/fridge/freezer. Whether it’s chopping your carrots, cucumbers and watermelon up on a Sunday, baking your heart out or stock piling your kids favourite food from the supermarket, being prepared is the go-to training to help you cross the finish line in being a lunch box ninja!

Being a kitchen ninja is all in the prep and if you don’t have time to prepare just remember a few rules when you’re doing your grocery shopping. The trays on the Yumbox have a reminder of the different foods to put in the lunch box. If you can remember these, you’ll pack a well-balanced lunch.

1.       Fruit

2.       Veges

3.       Protein

4.       Dairy

5.       Grains

And don’t forget dinner leftovers! Leftovers are ideal for adding to lunch boxes and are a lunch ninjas secret weapon. Think meatballs, roast meats, chicken wings, pizza, pasta, quiches, rice and salads. Make a little extra so you can cover the next day of lunches.

PS I had loads of fun designing the pic for this blog post...Yes that's me hiding under all that black paint! I could barely see from my eyes watering from the bits that made it past my eyelashes. But given the fact I don't usually walk around like that it was so much fun!