Kids Bento Lunch Boxes Australia

Kids bento lunch boxes provide a convenient and healthy way to packing creative lunches for your kids. Our lunch boxes are brightly coloured with funky designs and each have their own special features to cater for different needs.

What is a kids bento lunch box?

Bento is a Japanese word that means convenient so a bento lunch box is a convenient lunch box. Pretty cool hey? So what makes them convenient? This is pretty neat and I know as a parent myself I love the idea. They are made with dividers to create individual food compartments. This means that there is no need for individual wrapping of food as the food doesn't touch. Perfect for children with sensory issues that like their food kept separate from one another.

For parents this cuts down the time it takes making lunches as there is no need to wrap the food. It also reduces costs in plastic wrap. For kids it makes it so much easier for them to eat their lunch as their food is ready to eat straight from their lunch box as soon as they undo it. No more fiddly hard to open packaging for their little hands. This is also good news if your school has a 'no waste' or 'minimal waste' policy. This is where your child brings home their empty packaging to go into the bins at home keeping the school clean and encouraging alternative eco solutions. For the environment, it's a win win as there is less plastic going into land fill.

If you choose to you can also become quite creative with your kids lunches creating all sorts of wonderful bento meals. Presentation and making food fun can help to entice fussy little eaters to try their food. One of our favourites is creating different shaped sandwiches with sandwich cutters. This can really add to the fun of a bento box and the excitement on little faces

What types of food do people put into their kids bento lunch boxes?

There are so many different foods we could write about but we'll just focus on the main ones to get you started and you can add to them as you go along. Everyday we try and change what goes into their lunch box because lets face it, the same food everyday would get pretty boring! It's almost like a tasting plate of different food. To begin with try a sandwich cut into a funky shape with one of our sandwich cutters. Cut up fruit and salad such as strawberries, grapes, watermelon, sultanas, dry fruit, carrot and cucumber. Nibblies such as pretzels, popcorn, cheese and savoury biscuits, cold meats such as ham, salami, chicken and cabanossi and sweets such as muffins, muesli bars, nutigrain, cake and biscuits. There is so much more we could write but that should be enough to get you started and experimenting.

Our range comes in different sizes and each has a different design to cater for different needs. The compartments are different on all of them so it's best to check them out and choose one that is going to suit your child.

For more information on our kids bento lunch boxes then please give us a call today.