Bento Five Leak Proof Lunch Box

The Bento Five are just some of Kids on Abington’s stunning new range of lunch boxes from The Little Lunch Box Co.  In simply gorgeous in-trend designs of Unicorn, Pineapple, Black Cross and Superhero it’s hard to choose!

Bento Five Lunch Box

Be prepared for everything with the Bento Five, school, preschool, playgroup, dance, sport, car trips, picnics.

Boasting a latch that is easiest for even the littlest fingers to open and securely close, the Bento five will keep their lunches fresh and cool all day. When you open the lid you’ll love the five compartments, which can hold over a massive 980ml of food. Why five compartments? Well, there are five food groups! Fill your Bento Five with a great array of veges, fruits, grains, protein and dairy and you have a complete and nutritious meal. Keen to try bento but not sure how – the Bento Five is a terrific first bento style lunchbox for your child and for you to try out the bento way of food preparation. Very simply just fill the compartments with food – no extra wrapping of anything, no multiple little containers to lose the lids from, no messy leaks in lunch boxes. Allowing you the opportunity to forget all that silly plastic wrap and packaging you are not only being environmentally sustainable but the Bento Five will actually save you money! Yep, that’s right – by buying in bulk and having food ready to go you will be so surprised at how much you save.

Kids With Sensory Needs

Bento style lunch boxes have proved an outstanding success for children with sensory challenges, or other food special needs – the different foods don’t touch each other, the foods stay clean and tidy, they can have their favourites in little perfect bite sized pieces, and they have a special beautiful lunchbox especially their own. The sensory overload of school lunchtime can be very stressful for some kiddies – needing a little bit of quiet time to assist them in eating the Bento Five can be so helpful - by being able to lift the flap of their own familiar lunchbox and blocking out other visual stimuli gives them a chance to regroup, and enjoy some food before lowering the flap and interacting with friends again. Team up the Bento Five with adorable bento accessories from Kids on Abington such as teensy tiny forks, picks or spoons to make their bento experience even more fun.

Looking good Bento Five!