Bento Three Leak Proof Lunch Box

Welcome to the Bento Three - the gorgeous new bento style lunch boxes available from Kids on Abington and from a wholly Australian company – The Little Lunch Box Co.  You’ll love the beautiful, colourful designs of dinosaurs, flamingo, white cross and watermelon.

All their lunch in one lunch box

The number of times we’ve seen kids bring on average at least seven different options or containers of various foods to school, with their parent’s hope that they’ll “maybe eat one or two”… but that’s far too overwhelming for kids and most don’t unpack everything. Try a Bento Three. It has a very easy open and close latch and the entire days food goes into the one divided container. By providing an easy to open and easy to eat meal gives your child the opportunity to enjoy their food, fill their tummy and still engage in social interaction with others.

The Earth Will Thank You

You will find that your Bento Three will not only be a highlight of their day as they discover the delicious foods you have packed, but it is so good for the environment. We love our country and all want to do our part to keep it beautiful. The amount of packaging and food waste brought in packed school lunches each year per child equates to about 30 kilos! That’s an awful lot of rubbish, by using a bento style lunchbox such as the Bento Three you will have no waste! Cost also is a big bonus of using a Bento Three. Packaged foods and wrapped items works out at around $4 for the average lunch. By using a bento style lunch box, a waste free lunch, you halve that to only $2! You are going to save over $240 a year!

The Bento Three lunchbox has three compartments, one being quite large that is perfect for a full sized sandwich, salad, pasta, roll or main food item. The smaller compartments are perfect for dips, crackers, cheese, biscuits or cut up fruits. We love teaming fruit sticks with yogurt or vegetable sticks with some delicious dip.

Easy To Clean

You’ll love the ease of cleaning the Bento Three – easily hand washable in warm soapy water, or if you’re short of time, it’s happy to go into the top rack of your dishwasher for a really good clean. Good to know also is that the Bento Three is completely durable, tough and BPA free, food safe. It’s good to know you have made a safer and healthier choice for your child.

Start browsing our beautiful Bento Three selections today and choose a favourite for your child.