Bento Two Leak Proof Snack Box

Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches and squashed bananas and here to stay are beautiful bento style lunch boxes! The Bento Two lunchbox series are a colourful and fun theme from the amazing Little Lunch Box Co. With delightful choices of Flamingo, Unicorn, Superhero and White Cross you’ll love the modern and very in-trend designs.

The Cutest Snack Box - The Bento Two

The Bento Two is a double divided bento inspired lunchbox. A smaller divider comes with the Bento Two which is removable and adjustable and easily used in either of the two compartments wherever you like to allow more or less space depending on what you wish to pack. Remember that whilst your Bento Two is leak proof – the smaller divider does not provide a leak proof section.

The two larger compartments are leak proof which is such a bonus if you want to add a cut up sandwich one side and fruits the other so they don’t touch or spoil.

Your child will be eager for food times with their own lovely Bento Two lunchbox and enjoy the fun of a bento style lunch. What’s even nicer is that they are easy enough for your child to open and also safely close securely and aren’t too big.

The Bento two is a very practical choice for your child with a smaller appetite and particularly useful for children who only like limited choices and don’t want food to touch.

Great ideas for how to use the Bento Two:

  • Breakfast on the go – fill one side with museli, the other with yogurt and fruits
  • School lunch – a delicious nicely cut sandwich and add some crackers and cheese in the other compartments divided by the removable divider.
  • Crunch and Sip (fruit break) at school
  • Sports energy – perfect for a cut up orange and a tasty energy bar
  • Dance break – little dancers love a quick burst of energy from some berries and melon in one side of the Bento Two and some homemade treats in the other
  • Picnic – an adorable little picnic box for your toddler with child sized sandwiches, cake and fruits.
  • Babysitting – an already packed meal of favourites in their own Bento Two box adds a little bit of comfort when being looked after.
  • Grown up Business – nuts, crackers, berries… why not use the Bento Two for a quick and cute work snack for you!
  • Holiday essentials – pack hair ties, toy cars, play doh… all the important stuff.
  • So join the club – the Bento club, and browse Kids on Abington’s Bento Two lunchboxes. We’re sure you’ll find a beautiful design which appeals to you and your child.