Bento Australia

Let us take you back, way back to the origins of Bento, Japan 1300’s. Small woven or lacquered wood boxes with separated compartments were created for holding rice and meats. The Bento, were used for tea parties or to eat at visits to the theatre. Over the years Bento has evolved into the modern plastic convenient compartmented lunchboxes, separating the foods and often beautifully themed. Parents are fast becoming hooked on Bento lunches as the lunchboxes themselves eliminate packaging waste, provide beautiful long lasting lunchboxes and are amazing for children who struggle with food and touch issues. Bento style lunch boxes are a popular choice for children’s lunches all over the world and are the latest craze in Australia. Let us introduce you to Bento Australia Containing Bliss!

Since Containing Bliss began we have been searching for the best quality and practical products for you to purchase for your children.