About Us

Containing Bliss formally known as Kids On Abington.

Containing Bliss provides eco friendly products to support you and your family including Bento Lunch Boxes and Drink Bottles. We also have a focus on supporting your well-being by providing access to therapeutic grade Essential Oils.

Our journey began many years ago when our kids were very little. We hunted and hunted for the right lunch box for our son before he started school. We purchased lots of them and they kept breaking. We decided to invest in a higher quality lunch box. That purchase lead us to all the amazing lunch boxes you see on our website today. The ones that we think are top notch and high quality. We have expanded into other school supplies including drink bottles that we love, sandwich cutters to make lunch time fun and insulated bags that keep everything cool.

Moving forward a few years lunch time was going great but sleep time wasn’t. We again started our hunt for something, anything that would help our son. He’s mind was so wired it just wouldn’t relax and calm down so he could get a restful night. This is when we found essential oils. These were a game changer for us and we have now incorporated them in to our every day life. We are so passionate about the impact they’ve had on our lives that we want to share them with you too.

We hope you enjoy your journey with us and wish you a warm welcome. Look inside you may find something Containing Bliss.

PG & S Eastgate t/a Containing Bliss is an approved Registered NDIS Provider.