About Essential Oils

We started with a bottle of essential oil to help our son sleep. From that one bottle we have grown to incorporate essential oils into every area of our life including day to day cleaning of our home and cooking.

What the oils have done for our family:

  • Better sleep
  • Less feelings of anxiousness
  • Spirited kids support
  • Less stress
  • Less pain
  • More energy
  • Increase in happier moods
  • Healthier digestive system
  • Healthier adrenals
  • Increased immune system
  • Improved focus and motivation
  • Seasonal threats
  • Emotional support

When you are looking at essential oils as a natural way to support yourself and your family it is important to make sure that what you are using is thoroughly tested (and has the results made public), pure, therapeutic, unadulterated and that they are sourced sustainably. This is so, so, so important.

There are many places you can buy essential oils but be careful you don’t buy something you think is natural and it turns out to be synthetic… not all essential oils are created equally…some are from the earth and others are made in labs and are contaminated with fillers.

When you use pure essential oils you can feel confident and safe knowing you and your family are receiving therapeutic benefits to support and empower you that go far beyond ‘smelly things in a bottle’.

This is why we chose to use doTERRA essential oils in our family. They contain absolutely no fillers, no synthetics and no nasties. Pure plant based solutions with the best power to benefit your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Ps If you would like a chat to answer your questions about how essential oils can help support you and your family please book an obligation free 30 min consultation. We’d love to hear from you! 

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